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I'm Nicole Whitworth, BSN, RN, and founder of Your Nursing Tutor. I originally earned my MA in Clinical Psychology, but decided to change careers and became a nurse instead.

It all started by helping my classmates pass their tests. My nursing school  noticed the difference, and immediately hired me to tutor for the entire program...during my very first semester at school.

The students who came to me worked hard, but couldn't figure out why they struggled. They felt overwhelmed, unsupported, and alone. 

 They questioned whether they were even cut out for nursing... 

 Using my psychology background, I was able to help them pass their classes by teaching them that HOW you study is waaay more important than WHAT you study. 

 As my tutoring students began using my methods, they felt:

more confident

less stressed

nursing school getting easier instead of harder

able to balance school with life (including work and family!)

Now with 12+ years of tutoring experience later, I have helped countless nursing students learn to think like a nurse, graduate and get their nursing license. 

And I would love to do the same for you, as you join the Your Nursing Tutor community where we support and encourage each other on this crazy journey through nursing school.

Here's what current members say...
"Finally, I had the tools that I needed! "
Dori, Current Nursing Student
You don't need someone else telling you to "study harder", "practice more questions", or "just wait, it will eventually click"...
And you don't need more overwhelming lists of nursing info that you're told you HAVE to memorize to succeed...

What you need is a trustworthy, "go-to" resource that will cut through the nursing school overwhelm (not add to it!), and show you exactly what to do in order to learn to think like a nurse.

And to do it in a way that empowers you to grow into an amazing nurse...without having to rely on your professor, without having to watch a million disconnected YouTube videos, and without begging for help in random Facebook groups or online forums.

What if you could do all that, PLUS surround yourself with other positive nursing students who are learning to succeed even while balancing school, family and work? 

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VIP Tutoring Membership includes:
  • Mentorship from an experienced nursing tutor (who definitely won't roll her eyes or reply sarcastically when you ask your questions...)
  • Proven methods to fix Test Anxiety, Dosage Calculations, Pharmacology, and more
  • Confidently knowing when you've studied enough (and what the most important information is)
  • An encouraging community of nursing students who will motivate and cheer you on

Stop worrying that all you're hard work (and tuition) will turn into another nursing school failure...
...and get an injection of nursing confidence that will have you
critically thinking like a veteran nurse in no time.
This future nurse increased her exam grade by 9% in only 2 weeks!
  • Does membership include live tutoring?
    Yep! There are weekly "office hour" style Zoom Tutoring sessions with Nicole where you get to ask ALL your nursing school questions.

    Plus, there's also a bonus Facebook group where you can ask additional questions and connect with other students throughout the week.
  • I'm still pre-nursing, is this membership for me?
    If you are planning to start nursing school within 3-6 months, that is a perfect timeframe to join. You'll prevent common problems before they ever happen, and feel confident knowing that you've done everything possible to prepare for nursing school.
  • I graduated and will be taking NCLEX, is this membership for me?
    It depends. If you are prepping to take NCLEX for the first time, then this is probably not the membership for you.

    But if you have already failed NCLEX at least once and are preparing to retake, then this membership can absolutely help you! In this case, I definitely recommend adding the optional one-on-one private Zoom call with me so that we can review your score report together and create a personalized success plan for your next NCLEX attempt.
  • Is this for LPN or RN students?
    Although LPNs and RNs have a slightly different scope of practice, you have to learn the same basic information AND critical thinking skills for both. Your Nursing Tutor will help you learn to think like a nurse for BOTH types of programs.
  • What if I want to cancel?
    You can cancel at any time, there are no long-term commitments required. If you cancel, you will continue receiving your membership benefits until the end of your current membership period.
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Anxious about your personal situation? Need to turn things around in a hurry? Add a private, 1:1 Tutoring Assessment with Nicole so she can assess your study strengths and weaknesses, accurately identify what you need to change, and help you develop your best plan for success in nursing school.

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