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Stop working so hard just to make bad grades. There is an EASIER way to pass nursing school...
Start feeling confident, secure, and able to clearly recognize the connections between what you study AND how to correctly answer on exams.
Get affordable help from a professional nursing tutor AND learn the strategic study method that will RESCUE your Fall Semester!
By the way, if you don’t already know me, my name is Nicole Whitworth!
I’m a Registered Nurse who failed my very first nursing school quiz. 

It was a huge blow for this hardworking perfectionist, but it spurred me on to discover a BETTER way to study so that it would NEVER happen again. And it didn’t! In fact, I did so well that my school actually hired me as their official nursing school tutor by the end of that very same semester.
It’s now been over 12 years since I graduated with my BSN, and I’ve worked in several different nursing roles over the years. But I always wanted to return to my first love: tutoring, mentoring, and supporting the next generation of nursing students...YOU! 

Which is why I created Your Nursing Tutor, and it's why I use my VIP Tutoring Membership to show you the efficient study method that trains you to think like a nurse WHILE you’re still in nursing school, and to do it in a way that doesn’t require you to put your entire life on hold until graduation. 

Because you want to study in a way that gets you good grades AND makes time management a lot easier, too.

(That’s especially important for you non-traditional nursing students who've got to work or take care of your family at the same time, know what I mean?)
Here's what current members say...
"Finally, I had the tools that I needed! "
Dori, Current Nursing Student
What do you get with the VIP Tutoring Membership?

Access to a real, live professional nursing tutor SO THAT you can get a clear, understandable, and respectful answer to quickly get you "unstuck" whenever you feel confused (perfect for when you need to "teach yourself"!)

The Silver Bullet Study System SO THAT you can quickly see improvements on exam grades by making small tweaks to how you think

A Community of relatable nursing students SO THAT you don't have to feel like the "Class Mom" all the time

Curated Resources that solve the most common nursing school challenges SO THAT you can stop your endless googling and  know exactly where to go to get answers!

A proven strategy to STOP your Test Anxiety SO THAT your exams finally become an accurate reflection of what you actually know

Specific, actionable strategies that you can start using TODAY to give yourself the BEST chance of successfully passing this semester! (I'll never just vaguely tell you to "study harder" or "do more practice questions")

And For a Limited Time...
First Day of
Fall Sale!
Buy 2 months, GET 1 MONTH FREE!
Secure Tutoring Support to finish your Fall Semester strong...

...and keep getting a FREE MONTH with each renewal for as long as you decide to remain a loyal VIP member!
Don't wait until you experience the embarrassment of a failed class, and have to sit out and wait for a second chance at nursing school...
...instead, turn your struggling semester into a SUCCESSFUL semester like Savannah and Jasmine did!
Student Nurse Savannah increased her Exam Grades by 9% in only 2 weeks!
Less than a month later...
Student Nurse Jasmine improved from 20% to 90% in 2 DAYS!
  • How does the live tutoring work?
    Live tutoring sessions are done "office hours" style via Zoom. Students can attend live to ask questions, OR submit them in advance. Recordings are available for when you can't attend live.

    I encourage ALL students to attend Live Tutoring Sessions, even if you don't have a question, because you will learn SO MUCH from hearing what the other students ask, even if they are in different classes than you.

    The reason is that unlike many other online memberships for nursing students, my goal is to teach you how to THINK (not just an overwhelming number of info to memorize...) so that you can analyze and apply ANY nursing info to correctly answer exam questions and confidently make clinical decisions.
  • I'm still pre-nursing, is this membership for me?
    Pre-nursing is a great time to join! You can benefit from the mentorship of a professional nursing tutor to help you navigate nursing school preparation to make sure that you start school as strong as possible.

    With the VIP Tutoring Membership, you can also learn how to use the Silver Bullet Study System (and practice in your pre-req classes!), manage your Test Anxiety, and solve Dosage Calculations like a pro...all before you ever start your first official nursing class.

    And you'll sleep better, too, knowing that you have done everything you possibly can to prepare yourself for nursing school!
  • I graduated and am prepping for NCLEX. Is this membership for me?
    If you have failed NCLEX one (or more!) times and are preparing to retake, then this membership can absolutely help you! Make sure you add the optional 30-min, 1:1 Tutoring Assessment call with Nicole to help create your personalized success plan before your next NCLEX attempt.
  • Is this for LPN or RN students?
    The VIP Tutoring Membership is for any nursing student who needs to improve your critical thinking, learn how best to study in nursing school, and feel more confident about learning to think like a nurse. These are essential skills for both LPN and RN nurses, and there are both kinds of nursing students successfully using the VIP Tutoring Membership.
  • What if I want to cancel?
    There are NO long-term commitments, and you can cancel at any time. If you cancel, you will continue receiving your membership benefits until the end of your current membership period. If you decide to re-join at a later date, you may rejoin at whatever the current membership fees are at that time.
First Day of
Fall Sale!
Buy 2 months, GET 1 MONTH FREE!

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Need to turn things around in a hurry? Add a private, 1:1 Tutoring Assessment with Nicole so she can assess your personal situation, accurately identify what you need to change, and help you develop your best plan for success in nursing school.

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